By Sofia Yarberry

Palm Springs, CA, may be full of beautiful Mid-Century Modern homes, but this 3 bedroom and 2 bath modern home, located at 2289 E Amado Rd in Palm Springs (see the listing),  is still something special.

Palm Springs real estate photography

For the relatively low price of $679,000, new owners will live in a house in one of the hippest historical cities in California. The house was built (and we think designed) by Jack Meiselman in 1957 and sits on quarter-acre lot.  “Sunset Way, at the corner of Amado Rd, is the only street I know of where the entire length of one side is all Alexander–built homes from 1959 and the other side is Meiselman built in 1957” says listing agent Alex Dethier. It is thus a great neighborhood to explore the variances these two great modern builders of the 1950s offered our city.

But even homes as coveted as this one still require a lot of work to sell. The first month this Mid-Century modern was listed, potential buyers were shocked by the difference between the photos online and the house they were touring.
“We actually shot (the home) when it was furnished, then the people moved out and we listed it empty,” says Dethier. “With all-white walls and polished-concrete floors, it felt too stark and a bit like a bunker.”

Dethier emphasizes that the key to making the sale was professional staging and photography and so brought in a professional stager, Rob Reinhart, and a professional photographer, Ben Veronis.

Palm Springs real estate professional staging

Rob (Make It-Home) explains his process: “My main goal was to recreate the sense of optimism and fun that was part of the mid-century Palm Springs experience, reflected in so much of its architecture.” Immediately upon entering the house, potential buyers were greeted by a whiteboard reading “Hula Hoop Contest: Outside now!” The coatrack was hung with Hula-Hoops that matched the home’s original front door, so that “potential buyers walking in would feel like they had walked into an afternoon pool party, and could envision themselves living that lifestyle in the house.” This struck a nice balance that paid homage both to the period of the house itself as well as the Palm Springs spirit.

Palm Springs real estate staging by Rob Reinhart

The photographer, Ben, elaborates upon the challenges presented by mid-century houses. “There are often unique angles to the architecture of a home that are difficult to photograph, but a key selling point…A good professional photographer will be able to convey not only the unique look of the home, but also the flow of the home and the experience of what it is like to live there.”

The house was on the market for two months before an offer was accepted in late July. The new owners will be sure to appreciate the architecture of the Mid-Century Modern—a full wall of glass highlights views of the mountains, and the open expanse of a traditional Great Room is perfect for entertaining guests.

It’s no doubt that it will be easy to make this mid-century modern home a fabulous Palm Springs gem.


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