The California Association of Realtors recommends that buyers ask questions in order to educate themselves on the property they are purchasing. Here is a good list of questions buyers should not omit as part of the buying process.

1. Where is the seller’s disclosure?
Even if you’re in love with a home, be aware of all its flaws.

2. What is the home’s zoning guidelines?
This is especially important if you want to make any structural changes to the house.

3. What home inspections are available?
To avoid costly problems down the line, get as many types of inspections as you can.

4. Why is this house for sale?
This simple question may provide useful insight when writing your offer.

5. Has the property been tested for radon?
This is another question that can be a life saver, literally.

6. Are smoke detectors properly installed and located?
Make sure you account for this crucial detail.

7. Has this home ever had a mold inspection?
If so, looking at the inspection may provide important details about the home’s history.

8. What is the neighborhood’s crime rate?
This can be easily looked up online, but getting a local’s take may be even better.

9. What is the neighborhood’s noise level?
It’s important to learn, before you buy, if you live next door to a nighttime drummer.

10. Are there many kids or dogs in the neighborhood?
This will either be a positive or a negative, depending on your home buying desires!