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We think there are many more reasons to work with a Realtor when you buy or sell a property. For instance, when you sell a property, working with a Realtor will give you access to their large network of professionals to prep your home for showings (staging, photographers …).

Some other great benefits are that you will have access to free marketing tools such as printed advertising, online advertising, signage for the property, and single property websites.

One of the reasons everyone seems to forget until they are in escrow, is that the agent handles the hundreds of pages of contracts necessary for a purchase or sale. Working with a Realtor not only lets the professionals handle the paperwork, but it also ensures that both parties in the transaction are protected as much as possible from errors and omissions.

But perhaps the most important reason might just be that by working with a Realtor, you instantly are connected to a trusted large trusted network of buyers and sellers… and more often than not, that is what will get you top dollar for your property!

5 top reasons you need a Realtor® when you buy or sell a condo

5 top reasons you need a Realtor® when you buy or sell a condo