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Updated September 12, 2023

The Palm Springs City Council has approved new short-term vacation rental (STVR) rules in November of 2022.  Here is a summary of the changes based on industry updates and local news reports.

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In this new short-term vacation rental rules package, the City will now have a cap of 20 percent of STVRs per residential neighborhood, as defined by the boundaries of ONE-PS, the collective of the recognized neighborhood organizations in the City of Palm Springs. This change will go into effect for all STVR permits received from the City after October 17. Existing permits and the 300 applications that came in before the October 17 freeze will be grandfathered in. (Link to density map here)

The City Council also agreed to limit the number of rental contracts that STVR owners can implement to rent their homes per year, going from 36 times down to 26. This change is now in effect for new applicants, but for existing STVR permits, this change will go into effect on January 1, 2026.
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Council Members have also agreed to create a new “junior permit,” which will have a reduced annual fee and only be for 6 rental contracts (for under 29 days) per year. These permits cost 50 percent of the regular registration fee. These permits will not get factored into the neighborhood 20 percent cap per neighborhood. These are intended help anyone waiting in line for a full permit and will assist locals to earn some income during peak periods.

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