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By Jerry Braun, January 11, 2022

Anthony Cochran, Palm Springs Designer

I recently chatted with Palm Springs-based designer, Anthony Cochran, owner of Anthony Cochran Design, Inc. He shared his insights on his design philosophy and approach to working with clients in Coachella Valley and beyond.

Tell me a little about yourself and your business. 

Born in North Carolina, I moved to New York City in 1989, where I lived and worked in the design industry for 25 years.  In 2014, I relocated to Palm Springs permanently and opened my California business Anthony Cochran Design, Inc. Before opening my own design firm, I worked for Victoria Hagan, John Saladino, and Martha Stewart Living. 

What is your design philosophy?

I believe that subtlety and restraint in design are grossly underrated. Furthermore, from desert retreats to country estates, I blend cultures, periods, and styles to achieve interiors that are both personal and memorable. Every detail of decor and lifestyle are considered in creating spaces that are at once sophisticated, indulgent yet unintimidating.

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Who are the key influencers in your design approach?

While I have a strong voice in my design work, the client’s personality must always come first and shine through. Just as importantly, the architecture of a space or home must be respected, even when updating it. 

If someone is planning to redesign their Midcentury Modern home, do you have any words of advice?

This very much depends on the condition of the home and the quality of the original design. There is a tendency to recreate the past with period replicas without consideration of the modern world we live in. I prefer to design homes that respect the past while embracing the future. If a home has serious pedigree, important architecture, or landmark status, then the approach is almost certainly one of restoration. However, there are just as many poorly constructed and badly designed mid-century homes as any other style. In this case, my approach is to keep the best of a home’s original design and update the rest.

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What are some of the current trends in design that homeowners and buyers might want to know?

I really try to avoid design trends because 99 percent of them will be out of style as quickly as they came in. I suggest that homeowners aim for interiors that are stylish yet long-lasting. For example, a quality sofa may need to be reupholstered in a few years but there is no reason that same sofa can’t last a lifetime.

Thanks so much for your time and for sharing your insights with us.


For more information or to contact Anthony, here is his website and contact information:

Website / Portfolio  •  Phone  347.749.0357  •  Instagram @anthonycochrandesign 

Anthony Cochran, Palm SPrings Designer