Top insider tips for buying a home or condo in Palm Springs

Edited by Sofia Yarberry and originally from a Feb 22, 2016 post by The Good Life Realty Thinking of buying a new home in Palm Springs or Greater Palm Springs Area? whether you’re buying your first home, or your 100th— the following tips are critical. Compiled by our friends at The Good Life Realty, this […]

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The step by step guide to buying a home in Palm Springs

By Sofia Yarberry Step by step guide on how to purchase your new Palm Springs property Remember: We are here to help you each step of the way! The purchasing process may seem overwhelming at first, but we promise to make it as simple as possible so you can get that desert home you’ve always […]

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Why buy your vacation home before you primary

By Sofia Yarberry Buying your second home before your first sounds almost like a riddle, or some oxymoron of a lead in. However, it is simply a call to all the renters out there. Yes, we are talking to you New York, San Francisco, and Orange County. You may not be ready to give up […]

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Interest rate effects on your home purchase

by Sofia Yarberry It is common knowledge that the housing market was hit hard by the recession back in 2008; therefore, to assist in stopping the market from crashing completely the Federal Reserve (Fed) stripped interest rates down to 0%. For the past six years as the economy, including the housing market in Palm Springs, […]

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Freddie Mac – Average national rates for week of September 12, 2013

Although slight, we must still notice the increase in average national rate from the week of August 29, 2013 to the week of September 12, 2013. Source: Freddie mac

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Checking Out a condo in Palm Springs? Check Your Credit First

By Jeannette Brown If you’re in the market for a house, you might find the home-buying process complicated by one little number: your credit score. Whether you like it or not, the most important financial decisions of your life are affected by your credit rating, so it doesn’t hurt to be prepared well in advance. […]

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